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12 Days of Christmas - Stocking the Food Pantry

Use these ideas to bring items to St. Luke during Advent to help stock the shelves of our Food Pantry during December.  You can bring a couple of days of food each Sunday during Advent (December 3 – December 24th).  If you aren’t able to participate for all 12 Days, just pick a couple of days.


Day 1:  1 Box of Crackers

Day 2: 2 Cake/Brownie Mixes

Day 3: 3 Boxes of Cereal or Breakfast Items

Day 4: 4 Cans of Meat (Chicken, Spam, Tuna)

Day 5: 5 Boxes of Stuffing Mix or Potatoes

Day 6: 6 Cans of any Fruit or Applesauce

Day 7: 7 Cans of Beans (protein type Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, Black Beans)

Day 8: 8 Cans of Soup (Cream of Mushroom or Chicken, Tomato, Vegetable)

Day 9: 9 Cans of Tomato Products

Day 10: 10 Cans of Vegetables (peas, carrots, greens, beets etc)

Day 11: 11 boxes of Pasta

Day 12: 12 packages of Ramen Noodles