Here are ways you can make an immediate difference and help with the response to the recent devastating storms and tornadoes in Kentucky:


Pray: Pray for all those impacted as well as for the emergency and medical workers who are serving there.


Give: 100% of the funds you designate for this effort go directly to response efforts for this disaster.

  • You can give online at the Kentucky UM Conference secure online giving portal.
  • You can send a check to the church and note "disaster response" in the memo line.
  • You can give online on our website and then tell Nora or Debbie how you want your gift designated.

Be Ready: As soon the affected areas can receive volunteers, we will be sending down crews to assist with recovery and rebuilding efforts. There will be many types of work to be done that will include cleaning out, construction, and team support, and this will require a variety of skill sets. Pray about how God can use you, and be ready when the call comes!

We are working on a supply drive to be collected on Christmas Eve. This is in connection with our Disaster Relief Coordinator, and other churches in the area. We will provide an update early next week.